Curating the contemporary: on architectures, territories and networks

Coordinator: Inês Moreira, PhD [IHA-Nova/FCSH+FBAUP]

Aneta Szylak [Curator at NOMUS New Art Museum/National Museum in Gdansk]

Elena Lacruz, PhD Universidad Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Miguel Costa, PhD [Guest Professor FBAUP]

Susana Medina, MA Leicester [Museologist FEUP]

Orlando Vieira Francisco, PhD [Artist FBAUP]

Beatriz Duarte, MArch FBAUP [PhD researcher FBAUP]

Isabeli Santiago, MA FBAUP [Assistant Curator Galeria Municipal do Porto]

Hugo Veiga, MArch FAUP [Architect]

Curating the Contemporary: on architectures, territories and networks is an experimental research cluster which enacts curating as a method for knowledge production and cultural dissemination. Looking at contemporaneity, we do research on spaces, places, man-made territories and networked systems, exploring several intersections with the fields of visual cultures, art practices, urban cultures and the social sciences. Expanding objectual notions of authorship, we strive to read the complexity inherent to long life cycles of buildings and places, its appropriations, tensions and contradictions, engaging with ongoing socio-political and historical processes at specifically chosen locations. Fieldwork, primary inquiry, public reporting and visual representation are research methods underlying the strategies and tactics of our group, along the necessary theoretical academic insights into each one of the individual cases under study.

The cluster is bound to the European Forum for Advanced Practices [Cost Action 18136] which incorporates 36 countries and is devoted to explore research lead practices and to the epistemologies, conditions and new vocabularies implicit to modes of research which keep advancing the fields of spatial, artistic and other cultural practices.

The cluster is bound, as well, to the Post-Doctoral individual research of Inês Moreira, titled: “Curating and the revitalization of buildings – intervening in post-industrial spaces in Europe in the 21st Century” [SFRH/BPD/109954/2015].

Curating the Contemporary is affiliated to IHA-NOVA/FCSH (a branch of its strategic plan for FCT 2019-2023), and operates as a nomadic and budgetless organization, since late 2018.